Aligning capacity to meet enrollment trends is one of the core purposes of a master facilities plan. Current trends show that enrollment at many schools across St. Joseph School District is expected to decline in the coming decade.

Capacity Map - 2018-2019 Enrollment

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Current Enrollment (Above)

Currently, many schools are considered “over capacity” (red) based on optimum levels established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Some schools are nearing capacity or at ideal capacity, while Lafayette High School and Oak Grove Elementary are considered “under capacity” (less than 79 of optimum capacity)

10-Year Projection (Below)

By 2028, enrollment at most schools that are currently over capacity is projected to go down. Several more schools are projected to be under capacity, including Lafayette and Benton High Schools, Spring Garden Middle School, and Field, Oak Grove, and Skaith Elementary schools.


Capacity Map - 2028-2029 Enrollment

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Enrollment Projections By School

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Capacity Chart

The above chart compares current enrollment and 10-year project enrollment for each school. Enrollment at all but five schools is expected to decrease in the next decade.

Demographics Study

In February 2019, the School Board completed a Demographics and Enrollment Projection Study in partnership with Business Information Services LLC. Information from this study was used to develop the above data.

Click the image below to download the full report (17 MB).

Background information on each school from third-party sources that were used to inform the demographic study (report pages 110-126) are available here.