Great schools are core to strong communities. Upgrading our schools will improve our community and our local economy for everyone. Most importantly, upgraded facilities will give our teachers and students the tools they need to teach and learn the 21st Century skills needed to succeed in today’s economy. We need your input to help shape a new vision for our schools.

Over the coming weeks and months we will share information about our schools and possibilities for our future. Throughout the process, we will ask for input via surveys and in-person opportunities to engage like focus groups and community meetings.

Below is an overview of our timeline. Please note, this timeline has been revised since it was originally published to reflect the current timeline for the process.


June 2019: Introduction

Throughout this process, we will update this site with information about the current state of our schools, examples from other school districts, and research about what students need to thrive in the 21st Century. We will ask you for input via two online surveys.

Thank you for your input on our first engagement survey: “Introduction.” Download the results by clicking here.


July - August 2019: Big Ideas

We launched our second survey, “Priorities,” during the first week of July, which will run for two weeks.

We will recruit and facilitate several in-depth focus group discussions to get input on specific ideas that may be incorporated into the Master Facilities Plan. We will share what we have heard from the St. Joseph community, post information on the ideas we have developed, and provide opportunities for online engagement around those ideas. Our ideas will be informed by input we receive from our “Introduction” and “Priorities” surveys.

More information about focus group discussions will be available on this website in July and shared over email and social media.

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August - September 2019: Recommendations

The information we collect from May - August will be used by the St. Joseph School District’s architecture firm, DLR Group, to develop recommendations that will form the foundation of our Master Facilities Plan. District leadership and the DLR team will provide recommendations to the community for input via an online tool and in-person discussions.