Imagine St. Joseph:
Our Students, Our Community

How do we educate our children for success in a rapidly changing modern world? How do our schools fit into the long-term vision for a thriving St. Joseph? These questions and many others inform how we strategically plan for the future of our city. 

Imagine St. Joseph 2040: Our city’s vision for the next 20+ years is underpinned by three core goals: Invest in People, Create a Better Place, and Grow Prosperity. Imagine it is 2040: St. Joseph has become that place that people are attracted to, want to be a part of and choose to stay. How did you help make this happen?

Click here to learn more about the Imagine St. Joseph 2040 initiative.

21st Century Learning Framework: We must prepare students for success in a rapidly changing modern world. Investing the right resources in our teachers and our facilities is critical to this work. What future do you want for our children?

Visit the Partnership for 21st Century Learning to learn more about the skills our students will need to succeed in life and work.